Watch Out For “Over-The-Top” Language

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Exaggerating is easy and it seems like the norm these days. I catch myself being a tad extreme and I know you do too. It’s like we are trying to make a statement or a clear point about how we feel. When we use “over-the-top” statements, we may be blowing things out of proportion or just trying to be funny.

But, if your language is “over-the-top” AND negative… it’s time to stop that shit. Especially if it’s a regular habit of yours.

1. If it’s towards someone or something external, is it really “the worst situation of your entire life,” or are you going through a tough time right now? Did someone “ruin everything,” or were you disappointed by his or her actions?

2. If it’s towards yourself, are you really a “freaking idiot,” or did you just make a mistake? Are you a “big ass loser,” or did you just execute differently than what you wanted to?

Check yourself!

Catch yourself when you say something extreme, and rephrase it. Try placing positive reminders around you to keep yourself honest. Ask others to help you with your language to make sure you break the “over-the-top-negative-habit.”

How can you speak differently this week?


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