How to Tame a Raging Appetite

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how to tame a raging appetite

How to Tame a Raging Appetite

Dieting and getting fit are tough enough already, but nothing is more challenging than controlling a raging appetite.

We all have cravings, and sometimes those cravings can really get in the way of reaching our weight loss and fitness goals.

So what can you do about it?

Over the years, I’ve offered up a lot of tips for eating right, dieting, and even snacking healthy, but let’s look at some tips for managing those cravings and controlling that raging appetite!

Tips for Controlling a Raging Appetite

1. Eat Breakfast – This one’s a big one people. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. If you don’t give your body the fuel it needs off the bat, you’re going to end up with some major cravings throughout the day. Eating breakfast also jumpstarts your metabolism, which means it will get you burning more calories as well! If you’re looking for ideas check out these articles: Instant Breakfast ideas, or Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Women and Healhy Breakfast Ideas for Men.

2. Eat a Whole Foods Diet – Whole foods, or those that have not been processed (or highly processed) can really help you get your cravings under control. Whole foods have more nutritional value, simply put. Because they’re less processed, they’re higher in vitamin content, usually have more fiber, and will keep you feeling full for longer. When it comes to carbs, make sure you go whole grain as often as possible.

Fiber is another great way to stay satisfied for longer. Check out Myogenix Pro Fiber – a great addition to your diet.

3. Get More Protein – Just like whole foods, protein keeps you feeling full for longer. Why? Because protein takes longer to digest, meaning that it stays in your stomach longer and will keep you feeling satisfied.

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