How To Be An Effective Leader

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Think of all the incredible coaches, teachers, or leaders that you’ve ever encountered. Think of the people who you trust to guide you, help you, and encourage you. Do those great leaders have the ability to stay composed under pressure?

I believe that composure is one of the most important leadership attributes. I know that it’s something I’m always working on because I want others to trust that I’ll be able to create a sense of calm, even when things seem like they’re getting out of hand.

If you want to be a phenomenal coach, box owner or leader, then you’ll want to make sure you can “keep it together” even in the most hectic or frustrating situations.

When tension is beginning to rise, instead of reacting, and showing that you’re frazzled, annoyed or angry…


  • listening and letting people know they can share their concerns with you (without judgement or reaction)


During the middle of a high-pressure situation, do you want others to be able to rely on your composure?  Have you ever been too worked up and acted in a way that you regretted later? When leading others during times of adversity, it’s best to show that you can remain calm, and make clear decisions that are best for whoever is involved.


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