What kind of vegetable is good for men sperm quality?

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In life we are to consider the fertility problems, especially in the usual time to choose the good food to maintain their health, especially the health of sperm which is the key point to have the next generation, and the vegetables play a very important role in this issue, then what the vegetables is good for man sperm quality?


Eating more vegetables is good for your sperm

There are many reasons for male infertility, so men have to do a good job of prevention, such as a more scientific diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, etc., to develop good habits can reduce the risk of infertility.

Guys, give you a reason to eat more vegetables: good for your sperm. Some studies have shown that male fertility and semen quality have declined over the past few decades. So scientists at the two fertility clinics thought of the ability to regenerate vegetables and fruits.

61 men who were involved in fertility problems were involved in the study, of whom 30 had sperm defects, and the remaining 31 were used as controls. The study found that men with higher sperm quality ate more fruits and vegetables, usually with a diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants. The study is published in the journal.

For the past four years, scientists have been studying the relationship between dietary and workplace contaminants and male infertility. Scientists say the findings suggest that a healthy diet can make sperm healthy. So remember, men, an apple a day keeps infertility away.

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