The Dirt on Supermarket Sushi

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My local grocery stores have been selling sushi for a few years now and I have been a frequent customer. I always assumed it was a healthy choice.

I started wondering not only how long sushi sits out there in the refrigerator, but also, what is the quality of supermarket sushi?

Safe Temperatures

Most grocery stores have stricter standards than your average sushi restaurant! In general, it is completely safe to buy sushi from the grocery store. But, safety requirements vary by country, so use your own judgment.

What to Look for

  • Check the sell by date
  • Choose brown rice over white rice when you can
  • Avoid heavy sauces and cream cheese-filled rolls
  • Avoid “leftover” sushi. This is sushi that has been created using leftover grocery store products. It is usually filled with carrots, or some type of seafood salad leftover from the deli.
  • The longer the sushi sits out, the harder the rice gets. The nori (seaweed) can lose its texture as well. So, try to choose sushi that is the freshest.
  • Choose cooked sushi if you are squeamish about raw sushi.
  • After you buy sushi, let it warm slightly so that the flavors are enhanced. Many complain of the “too cold” temperature of supermarket sushi.

Is That Real Crab or Fish in My Sushi?

The crab is most likely imitation crab meat made from pollock fish. It ishighly processed, and contains a long list of ingredients including wheat, egg whites, and preservatives.Most of the fish is real.

A great choice would be a brown rice salmon roll–full of omega-3 fats and whole grains!

Bottom Line

Sushi connoisseurs won’t touch this stuff, and I don’t blame them. But, supermarket sushi really isn’t that bad if you know what to look for and your store offers a good selection. Plus, most stores offer brown rice sushi making many rolls a healthy and budget-friendly option.

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