Not Feeling 100%? Constantly Injured? Sore?

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about how to overcome nagging injuries. Of course, it’s important that you take proper physical care of your body, but you also want to keep a good mindset.

Aches, pain, discomfort, and soreness, are not that fun. Do you find it hard to stay positive when you don’t feel 100%?

There are some effective strategies you can use when you’re injured or struggling with pain.

1. First, it’s helpful to understand that every single person can identify something that doesn’t feel “right” in his or her body. It may be some light soreness. It could be a headache or a stomach ache. It could be a sprained knee, or something way more damaging. If you’re training hard, or competing, it’s likely that you’re working through some discomfort on a regular basis. We all struggle at times.

2. Connect with other people who have gone through similar predicaments and overcome, or find the silver lining. You better search like hell for success stories, not horror stories.

3. Always take time to think through all that IS feeling well. You may need to think of every little thing that you are capable of doing with your body.  Even consider your senses and the small parts of your body that are well. These might be very simple things, but they are still very powerful.

4. Focus on doing what you can, with what physical ability and blessings you have on THAT day (which may be different from yesterday or tomorrow). Remember, you’re not guaranteed anything, so it’s very important to do the best you can at any given moment.

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