Is Your Social Circle Is Pullin’ You Down?

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Your atmosphere is critical to your success. You have to do your best to create an environment where you can flourish.  I hope to challenge you a bit today. If you want to live a more purposeful life and you want to perform your best each time you get to the box…you have to surround yourself with uplifting and encouraging people who are on a mission.

Are you regularly surrounded by people who gossip about others? When you get together with your friends, is it just a bitch fest?

Do you follow people on Twitter who bash CrossFit HQ and every other organization (or person) they disagree with?

  • You can actually control who you engage and interact with. You can begin to cut negative people out of your life, or at the very least you can stop following them on social media. You can choose not to gossip, bitch or complain…and simply be quiet or walk away (I do it ALL the time).
  • You improve your mindset, by surrounding yourself with awesome individuals who want the best out of life. You can directly influence your future by interacting with (and following) positive go-getters, who are more concerned with action than they are with negative chatter.

Choose your circle wisely.

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