Intense Fat Burning Workout

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intense fat burning workout

Intense Fat Burning Workout

Want to burn some serious calories and fat this year? I’ve got a killer fat burning workout to get you in amazing shape in just a few weeks.

Burning fat is definitely one of the most common fitness goals out there, and it’s equally one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. And there’s no doubt that it takes some commitment and a little hard work.

The key is really a combination of intense exercise and a healthy, fat-burning diet. On the diet side of things, I recommend my Ultimate Fat Loss Diet Plan. It’s the perfect way to start off the New Year, and it works really well with this fat burning workout plan.

If there’s anything you should add to your diet, green tea is probably it. Starting you day with a cup of green tea, or with this super metabolism-boosting Green Foods Matcha Green Tea, will kick your metabolism into high gear and help you burn more fat and calories all day long. Who could ask for more from such a simple food?

Once your diet plan is set up and you’ve done a little shopping and prep work, you need to get moving. No matter your situation, exercise and physical activity are essential steps to burning fat and losing weight.

Let’s take a look at my intense fat burning workout…

Fat Burning Workout to Get You Toned and Ripped

Alright, this fat burning workout gets you moving 5 days a week. It works best when combined with a focused weight training program like my Advanced Workout for Lean Muscle Gain. Continue this program for the next 2 to 3 months for optimal results.

To leave you time for your weight training program, you’re only going to need 30 minutes a day for this workout – 30 minutes of intense fat burning exercise!

For all sets (where applicable), aim for 10-15 reps depending on your fitness level. At that point, you should be reaching muscle fatigue. Rest for about 30 seconds between sets and exercises.

Fat-Burning Workout 1 (Days 1 and 3)

  • 5 minute warm-up of jump rope
  • 3 sets of woodchopper (each side) (view exercise)
  • 3 minutes of sprinting
  • 2 minutes of bench step-ups (view exercise)
  • 3 sets of stability ball roll-outs (view exercise)
  • 3 sets of front dumbbell squats (view exercise)
  • 1 minute of plank (view exercise)
  • 1 minute of side plank (each side) (view exercise)
  • 30 seconds of superman (view exercise)
  • 3 minute cool-down of jumping jacks

Fat-Burning Workout 2 (Days 2 and 4)

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