How To Enjoy Shit You Don’t Love

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How To Enjoy Shit You Don’t Love

If there’s something that you don’t like to do, want to do, or aren’t very good at…do you find yourself putting it off? Do you keep trying to “ignore” it or find a million other things to do instead?

If you find a particular task stressful, or you dislike it…it will normally end up on the very bottom of your to-do list. Right? That is, until you make a conscious decision to continue to attack anything that makes you uncomfortable, or that you view as a weakness.

I also believe that we can make “stressful”, “uncomfortable,” “tedious” tasks more enjoyable. We can also make our “weakness training” in the gym more fun for ourselves.

Here’s a few suggestions

  • Train your weakest movements along with 1 or 2 of your strongest
  • Do errands, or annoying tasks with people who you love being around
  • Take a test, or go over your to-do list while sitting outside in a beautiful place
  • Do your most dreaded work while drinking your favorite coffee or listening to some beautiful music

The idea is to pair what you dislike, or are putting off, with something that you love or enjoy.

It’s a simple, yet brilliant idea. It helps me get through many things that I’m not great at doing or don’t look forward to. Try the combo approach, and see if it helps you attack what you’ve been putting off.



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