Exercises for a Strong Chiseled Core

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exercises for a strong chiseled core

Exercises for a Strong Chiseled Core

Looking for new exercises to get a strong, chiseled core? Look no further. I have 5 new core exercises to rev up your routine.

All of these exercises require one of the most basic but essential pieces of gym equipment, the medicine ball. If you’re not already using medicine balls in your ab routine, you should be especially to add some flavour to your workouts. They offer a versatile form of resistance to challenge and refine your core muscles.

If you’re looking for a good set of medicine balls for your home gym, check out this Dual Grip Medicine Ball. With convenient detachable handles, you get two sets of equipment in one. Personally, I like to have enough equipment at home to work on my core whenever I can.

5 New Exercises for a Strong and Chiseled Core

As I mentioned, each of these exercises uses a medicine ball for maximum resistance. Try incorporating these exercises into your current abdominal routine, or perform 2-3 sets of each back-to-back for a powerful core workout.

1. Power Woodchopper – For this first core exercise, start in standing position with your feet at shoulder width. Hold the medicine ball with both hands. Twist at your core, and lift the medicine ball overhead and to your right, keeping your feet stationary. Then immediately bring the ball down to the left, crossing your body and lowering it to the outer side of your left foot. As you do so, bring your right knee as close to the floor as you can. That’s 1 rep. Perform 10-12 reps on each side.

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