Downton Abbey: the questions we need answered

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1 Will Lady Mary finally find lasting love?

In the first series, a distant male cousin named Matthew Crawley falls in love with Lady Mary, who is determined not to be forced to marry to preserve her family’s status and initially rejects his proposal. She later falls in love with him and they marry but she is left heartbroken when he dies.

Aside from a sexual encounter with a Turkish diplomat who died in her bed in series two, and a proposal from Viscount Gillingham which she rejected in series five, Lady Mary’s love life has remained largely barren.

Emmy Nominations / Television Downton AbbeyWill Lady Mary find love? (Photo: Nick Briggs/Carnival Films)

2 Will Anna learn her fate?

Lady Mary’s personal maid Anna was arrested on suspicion for murdering Green – Lord Gillingham’s valet – in series five. Bates writes a confession to killing Green but escapes to Ireland, and the witness in the case becomes uncertain so Anna is released on bail. If she is convicted for murder she faces life in jail.

anna_2337488bWill Anna Bates go to prison?  Photo: NICK BRIGGS / CARNIVAL FILMS

3 Will the Crawleys leave Downton Abbey?

The backdrop of the period drama is the decline of the aristocracy in post-war Britain. Gareth Neame, the show’s executive producer, has hinted that the final series will show “how that way of life comes to an end”. Could this mean the family will be forced to give up their stately home?

4 Will Branson form an attachment to Lady Edith?

Tom Branson, who was left a widower after his wife, Lady Edith’s sister died, went back to Ireland. There is speculation that he will return to Downton Abbey and help Lady Edith raise her illegitimate child.

lady-edith_2337489bWill Lady Edith and Tom Branson become romantically involved?  Photo: NICK BRIGGS / CARNIVAL FILMS

5 Will Daisy become an accomplished woman?

Known as Downton’s Cinderalla, Daisy lives under the strict but caring eye of Mrs Patmore, the cook. She has been promoted from kitchen maid to assistant cook, and is constantly trying to improve herself with the hope of one day free herself from domesticity and forging a better career.

DOWNTON_ABBEY_SERIES_5_LAUNCH_05.JPGDaisy hopes to become an accomplished woman in a career of her choice (Photo: Carnival Film & Television Ltd)

6 Will Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes get married?

The long-awaited proposal of Mr Carson, the family butler, to Mrs Hughes, the head housekeeper, took place during the fifth series Christmas special. We eagerly await their wedding.

Downton Abbey final seriesWill Carson finally make an honest woman of Mrs Hughes?

7 Is Thomas Barrow going to die?

Actor Robert-James Collier has revealed that he’s set to be the “tragic hero” of the final series. Fans have also been warned to have their hankies at the ready as things come to a close. Does this mean that the scheming underbutler is set to meet a sticky end?

DOWNTON_ABBEY_SERIES_5_LAUNCH_07.JPGIs Thomas Barrow doomed? (Photo: Carnival Film & Television Ltd)

8 What historical events will series six deal with?

From the very first episode, which began with the sinking of the Titanic, Downton has always been framed by real-life historical events (though not all dealt with accurately, as pointed out by Her Majesty the Queen). The final series spans the year froms 1925 to 1927, so what events will encroach on the life of the Crawleys?

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