4 All-New Ways To Utilize Resistance Bands

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4 All-New Ways To Utilize Resistance Bands

By Rachel Debling
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One of the most appealing benefits of elastic resistance, no matter what brand, weight, or style you decide to go with, is that they aren’t just one-hit wonders — they can elevate your workout in ways you may have never imagined. These tricks will make bands a part of every one of your workouts — not just those on the road.

Shadow Boxing

Wrap the middle of a light- to medium-weight resistance band around a pole, turn away from it, and alternate jabbing your arms forward. Even without a bag, you’ll feel super-duper badass (and work your delts and arms while raising your heart rate to boot). May we call you “Ronda”?

Warm It Up

Performing dumbbell biceps curls or shoulder presses? Do one or two sets of the resistance-band equivalent prior to your working sets to prep your muscles and get blood flowing. Keep the sets lighter and peppier, though; you aren’t aiming to fatigue yourself. You can also use lighter bands to open your chest before upper-body work , just like those old-school spring-powered contraptions that Arnold himself used to employ.

Get An Extra Pump

This may sound like a crazy idea, but bear with us: hold both free weights and the ends of a resistance band when completing exercises like squats and curls (remember to still anchor the band under your feet, though). The extra boost of elastic resistance will help you focus on the eccentric motion and will also add a bigger challenge when lifting.

Stay Still

Make your body strong and stable by employing static holds. For example, anchor a band, stand with it to your side, and step away until you feel tension. Extend your arms in front of you and hold, resisting the pull through your shoulders and core. Your abs won’t know what hit them!

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