10 Healthy Ways to Use Apples in Recipes

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There are hundreds of ways to enjoy apples in your favorite recipes.

Since apple season is in full swing for many of us, I had so many extra apples from apple picking that I didn’t know what to do with them all!

Apples are packed with vitamins and filling fiber, so they make a healthy and diet-friendly addition to any meal.

Here are 10 ways I plan to use all of my fresh picked apples this Autumn. 

Top 10 Apple Recipe Ideas


Baked Apples

This is perfect for the apples that start to get mealy. You can slice an apple in half (or core out) and add your toppings: oats, honey, dried fruit, nuts, and spices. Then, microwave or bake until they soften.

Salad with Sliced ApplesTake your favorite salad base, mixed greens or spinach, and top with sliced apples, nuts, and a pinch of a strong cheese. Serve with light vinaigrette.

Chicken Salad with ApplesInstead of using mayonnaise, try usingGreek yogurt as your binder. Try this recipe from Recimplicity as an example. If apples aren’t in season where you live, try another fruit like grapes or pineapple!

Apple SalsaCreate a fruit salsa with apples as your base. Add various fruits to a food processor, blend lightly, and serve with cinnamon pita chip or light cookie. Recipe example here.

Apple ChipsThis is a favorite in my house! A great alternative to chips. Slice apples very thin on a mandolin. Lightly grease a baking sheet, add a pinch of salt and cinnamon, and bake on 200 F (93 C) for about an hour.

Apple PieYes, this is a high calorie treat, but a classic! Make your own crust to avoid trans fat in store-bought pies. Or, create an apple crumble with a light oat topping. Use Truvia or Nectresse to reduce the sugar content.

Apple ButterThis is a great one for the crock pot, and it makes the house smell amazing.Recipes usually call for a lot of sugar, but you could reduce the sugar, and use some stevia and some honey for a more natural approach.

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Apples and MeatBake your next meat entrée with sliced apples on top to get a hint of sweetness. This pork and apple recipe from Eating Well gives you another lean meat option.

Apple CiderBuy a 100% juice apple cider, add one sliced apple, some cinnamon sticks and cloves. Add this to a slow cooker/crock pot and let heat for an hour. I like to add a few slices of orange to mine!

Quinoa and ApplesQuinoa has a nice hearty flavor, and adding the apples helps to balance it out. Here is a creative and tasty recipe from Fine Cooking.

Do you have any favorite apple recipes to share?

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