Why Too Much Cardio is Bad for You (& What to Do Instead)

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Why Too Much Cardio is Bad for You

Sorting Out One of the Biggest Fitness Debates

There’s no doubt that cardio can be a little addictive. The best of runners know this well, but even cycling and using the elliptical come with their own habit forming effects.

A lot the addictive qualities of cardio are tied to the old adage “no pain, no gain.” We’ve all heard it, and cardio is where it often rears its ugly head. We approach cardio with the belief that you have to push yourself really hard to see the effects you want.

And when you’re finished a cardio workout, all the aches, pains, and exhaustion feel just right. They’re totally in line with a “no pain, no gain” approach to fitness. But aside from the endorphins, these outcomes aren’t always a good thing. Over time, you might be doing some damage to your body.

And that’s where today’s topic comes in. Can too much cardio be bad for you? Absolutely, and I’m about to explain why – while offering some effective and healthy solutions for what to do instead.

Why Cardio Can Be Bad in Excess – And What to Do About It

Chronic Cardio Can Put Stress on Your Heart

We often think of cardio exercise as being only beneficial for our heart and entire cardiovascular system. But this isn’t necessarily the case, especially when you’re doing cardio in excess.

Research is actually showing a dark side to too much cardio. In studies of marathon runners and triathletes, years of intense cardio seemed to be associated with heart problems and plaque-build up in the arteries. Other research has shown immediate problems in circulation following long endurance running, even in trained athletes.

The problem is that cardio is still a form of stress on your body. In moderation, your body can adapt to this stress without any real consequence. But if you constantly push yourself too hard, not provide adequate time to rest and also have good sleeping habits you may be breaking your body’s limits and putting yourself at risk of cardiovascular disease.

Chronic Cardio May Cause Unwanted Weight Gain

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