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Another week we bring you information of our partners in the other part of the world, the best readings Veronica Mexico. This week, attractive news and tips to quit smoking, a healthy summer challenge, and more Lets observe what our friends tell us Veronica Mexico.

  • Six Steps to quit smoking: many people have been able to create moving and improve their diets, but sometime a very important pending issue is quitting smoking and gives us six tips here.


  • Summer Challenge: Love your body and eat healthy: nothing better to propose a challenge to be healthier, and that is what we bring in this article, a challenge to be healthier, eat vegetables, fruits and healthy foods.
  • “Strength training is not just for men”: well yes, there are still people who have mythologized the weights and think they are going to get as Hulk quickly, so here we explain a little better why women should also train strength .
  • Music to train: Playlist of the week LXIII: motivated training is crucial, and nothing better than a good playlist with songs that make us 200% to us.
  • Five benefits you get from eating fiber: Consuming fiber is important, so here we have five benefits to obtain necessary fiber consumed daily.
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