How To Lower Your Stress For A Big Event

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Different stress-reduction tactics work for different people. Once you find what works for you, you’ll be able to implement that strategy at the right time for it’s biggest impact. Today, I’ll give you five strategies that will help lower your stress before a big event. Try em out.

5 Ways To Lower Your Stress Before A Big Event

1: Control how you interpret “stress.” 

When you’re getting ready for something important, your body will begin to react and send you signs that it is “getting ready.”  

2: Practice steadying and calming your breath.

Practice tuning into your breath, slowing it down, counting it out and using it to get re-centered.

3. Share your feelings with your support team.

Practice saying how you really feel and confiding in those who support you.

4: Remind yourself of what matters. 

emind yourself that you choose to do this, you’re thankful for the opportunity, and know your purpose. This will ALWAYS help you feel better.

Practice setting intentions, saying a prayer, or reminding yourself of a few key points before you do anything important.

5: Take the pressure off.

Practice being more playful and as laid back as possible (even if you’re not feeling laid back).


What strategies help lower your stress before a big event or workout? How do you calm your mind, so that you can go out and crush it? Comment below.



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