How To Improve By Pretending Someone’s Watching

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You know when you’re in a WOD and you catch your mind drifting? Or when you are driving and you realize that you’re paying no attention at all to the cars around you or where you are going?

You may lose focus for just a few seconds, or you may completely drift away in your thoughts for longer periods of time. If you catch yourself daydreaming and thinking about something completely irrelevant to what you are actually doing…you’ll want to snap out of it quickly and get back to focusing on the task at hand.

  • If you want to improve your focus and your performance, try pretending that Greg Glassman is meticulously watching your WOD or pretend that CrossFit HQ is video taping your coaching or your class – See if it changes anything that you were doing or improves your attention to little details

You can try this strategy in CrossFit and in your every day life – Sometimes, when I’m driving, I imagine that I am getting my driver’s license test and someone is grading my every move (yea, I’m weird like that). All of a sudden, I am checking every mirror with two hands on the wheel, looking at each and every car around me, using extra caution with my turns, closely monitoring my speed limit, etc. You get the point…I try to do this in as many scenarios as possible, as often as I can to heighten my awareness and improve my mental focus

The more you practice this in different situations, the better you’ll be at getting super focused and giving everything you do your fullest effort and best performance. Try it out.


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