How to choose a good refrigerator for your home? Purchase knowledge tips

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Most people already know that the refrigerator has two different refrigeration method (direct cooling and air-cooled), and the manufacturers have also attacked each other’s shortcomings. In fact, these two different types have their own disadvantage and advantage. The air cooling is faster, so it is suitable for fast refrigeration. However, the disadvantages are obvious, due to the addition of an electric fan, it is inevitable to bring additional noise and power consumption. In addition, due to the non-stop hair, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of dry food surface.

Straight cooling type has no electric fan, naturally will not generate additional noise and power consumption, but also not on the food surface due to the drying phenomenon caused by the hair. However, the air-cold has a fatal shortcoming, that is due to the release of air convection by air, the efficiency is relatively low, so it is easy to freeze around the evaporator, so it is not convenient to regularly in addition to cream.


From the previous use situation, the air cooling type is more concentrated in Asia, and the main technology has been mastered by Japanese manufacturers. Direct cooling refrigerator is more popular in Europe and America, the main technology is also in the hands of a small number of large enterprises in the United States and Europe in the refrigerator. However, due to air cooling and direct cold have advantages and disadvantages, so now many of the refrigerator manufacturers have made some improvement and integration of their refrigerator products, the direct cold and air cold have made some improvement.

But only some improvement is not enough, so some of the refrigerator business get the idea of a collection of air-cooled and direct cooling advantages into a double standard refrigerator. This double standard refrigerator, freezer with air cooling system, which is conducive to the rapid freezing, but also does not have the frosting phenomenon.

Double standard of the refrigerating chamber of the refrigerator adopts the direct cooling type design, this design for fresh vegetables very beneficial, can ensure vegetables in a long period of time will not be dry, also let other food is fresher. However, this kind of double standard refrigerator is only used in high-end refrigerators.

In addition to the different ways of refrigeration, the modern refrigerator is also equipped with a number of features, such as some of the refrigerator using computer control, and some only use the traditional mechanical way. There is a refrigerator using a 0 degree of frozen area, there is a refrigerator with infrared deodorant function, and even some of the refrigerator can be converted to refrigeration and cold storage room. In fact, these are the addition of some special features, can only serve as a reference for the selection of refrigerators, and is not a decisive factor.


The first point of select the refrigerator is to choose the size. Bigger refrigerator will not bring more pleasant visual enjoyment, instead, it will bring a higher power consumption, so to buy suitable for you own refrigerator. General family of two members, 190-220 liters is enough to use. Even the family of three members, 260-300 liter is definitely enough. If you are not crazy cooking lover, or only one shopping for each week, otherwise it do not need larger refrigerators.

In the choice of cold or air cold type, it is suggested that if possible, as far as to choose a double standard products, but the price will be much higher. If the budget is enough, would rather not buy too much size to buy a better performance one, so that the effect will be better. If you can only buy direct cold or air cold, in fact, the difference is very small, if you need a more rapid cooling effect, then you should choose the air-cooled. If you need better vegetables and fruits storage, the direct cold model will be your better choice.

Inverter refrigerator is also a more advanced products, similar with the air conditioning, frequency conversion products will also bring better results, lower power consumption and more quiet operation. Of course, the price is much higher.

When the purchase, you should pay attention to the problem of power consumption, due to a certain volume of the refrigerator, the refrigerator is generally not a nominal power, only the daily power consumption or annual power consumption as the nominal. Generally speaking, the 300 liters or less fridge, the power consumption should be are not longer than 1 kwh/ day, and some better product can control in 0.7 kwh / days. But general, air-cooled power consumption slightly higher.

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