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Go-To Gyms: Elite Training Systems

By Anna Redman

If you’ve always wanted to go pro but have never been able to make it happen, shaping up at Whitby-based Elite Training Systems could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

This 5,000-square-foot facility flung open its doors in January 2013, and its staff firmly believes that everyone should train like an athlete. “Coaching, culture, and training systems are a big part of what makes our gym unique,” says Mark Fitzgerald, owner and director of strength and conditioning. “We promote a model that adapts to each individual and focuses on building a foundation of strength, conditioning, and athletic development.”

To help you achieve that pro-athlete performance you’re after, ETS has brought in unique equipment and a better-thanaverage membership format. “We are much more cost-effective for people who are looking to train productively,” Fitzgerald notes. “Our members have a coach on a daily basis, instead of having a membership and hiring a personal trainer. We also offer a number of unique amenities for our members, which make them feel like they are part of a professional sports team.”

One such amenity is the immensely difficult but highly popular “Road To 100 Challenge.” This team-drafted competition is designed by the ETS coaching staff for their Adult HEAT (High Energy Athletic Training) clientele. “It’s 100 days of clean eating, healthy living, training, and no alcohol,” explains Fitzgerald. This hardcore, life-enriching test lasts for more than a threemonth period, beginning with the dawn of the New Year. Participants receive points for a number of things, including their weekly training sessions, food journals, and successful completion of certain obstacles. However, individuals can also lose points for moments of weakness, like consuming alcohol. “A final challenge is issued at the end to determine which team will to take the Road To 100 title,” Fitzgerald notes.

But regardless of the equipment on offer and the challenges in progress, ETS really has one underlying principle that drives everything they do. “Our goal is to help spread the message of health and fitness and reach as many people as possible,” concludes Fitzgerald. “We have the best job in the world — there really is nothing better than the feeling of helping others.”

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