Do You Hate Failing or Do You Fear Failure?

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“What if your view of failure is the thing getting in the way of your success?”

I don’t think anyone really likes failing, but we have to become more clear with what exactly we mean by “failure” and what our expectations are. It’s impossible NOT to fail. You also can’t STOP failure from happening. But, you CAN name it, change your perspective, redefine it and use it to propel you forward. Failure doesn’t have to be ALL BAD.

Could you gain a new, refreshing outlook on failure?

3 Key Steps To Changing The Way You View Failure

1. Instead of the word “failure” use something more positive like “stepping stone,” “learning lesson,” “growth moment,” “eye opener,” or “a way to help you clarify what works and what doesn’t.”

2. When you are anticipating an upcoming event or situation that you don’t want to “fail” in, take 5-10 minutes to identify and specify exactly what would be considered a failure to you.

What would failure be?

What specifically would make you feel like a failure or that you failed?

3. After you’ve defined what exactly “failure” would be to you, write down what thoughts and behaviors you can control to keep that from happening.

What can I influence and how can I stay focused on those factors?

Are my expectations realistic and are they helping me feel confident, calm and prepared? I

How we define failure matters. How we talk about, and think about failure matters.


Failure can in fact be awesome, helpful, meaningful, and fun. It’s all about your perspective. Identify your outlook on failing, and understand if your thoughts are helping you or holding you back.

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