Butt Workouts for Women

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butt workouts for women

Butt Workouts for Women

One of the most common goals I see among my female clients is getting a tighter and firmer butt. After all, your glutes (butt muscles) are an important part of your overall physique.

But I’ve noticed that it’s one of the muscle groups that people struggle with the most. As a personal trainer, I get a lot of questions about frequency, type, and intensity of exercising your butt muscles.

So I’m going to offer up all the details you need, in addition to outlining some great butt workouts and exercises for getting firmer and tighter glutes. These workouts are designed with women in mind, but they can definitely be adapted by men who are looking to firm things up!

Your Gluteal Muscles

Your buttocks is made up of 3 major muscles, called your gluteal muscles or glutes for short. They include the gluteus maximus (the biggest muscle of the three), the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus.

Butt Exercises and Workouts

Some of the most common exercises people engage in to exercise and train their gluteal muscles include lunges, squats, deadlifts, and leg presses. Aerobic exercises like cycling, climbing stairs, rowing, and even running will also get them into shape. (Of these, stair-climbing is probably my favorite.)

Butt Workouts for Women

I’m going to offer up 5 butt workouts for women that are designed to firm up your glutes in just a few weeks! These exercises are great because they can be done at home or at the gym.

For each exercise, I recommend 3-4 sets at 15-20 reps each.

1. Single Leg Bridge – Grab a chair or a weight bench for this one. Lie with your back against the floor and both legs extended straight in front of you, resting your heels on the chair or bench. Extend one leg straight into the air over your hip. Engage your hip, core, and butt muscles, and lift your hips off the floor, putting all your wait onto your shoulders. Hold there, then lower slowly. That’s one rep. Make sure you do a full set with each leg up.

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